Hi girls! My name is Ana Paula Caballero and I’m the founder of Kaicos Swimwear. I am Peruvian but I live in Canada, where I get my inspirations and find the new trends for each year. I love everything related to summer and to fashion, especially the beach, the ocean, listening to the waves, looking at sunsets, and a perfect tan. This is why I created this bikini brand, and I know the importance of having a super nice, comfortable, and unique bikini for that time of the year. Kaicos Swimwear is a brand for the young souls that are free, dreamers, strong, and travelers. Our objective is to spread the latin vibe in each bikini and showcase unique details that make your bathing suit an innovative and distinct item. In this blog you will find ideas on how to use our bikinis, tips for the summer, outfits, and much more! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook as @kaicosswimwear and if you wish to contact me you can send me an email to [email protected]

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April 3, 2018

What is Kaicos?

Based in Montreal, Kaicos Swimwear is inspired by the love for craftsmanship and the passion for superior swim pieces. We celebrate women’s beauty, style-setters, and the joy of swimwear designing. Every single bathing suit is 100% handmade in crochet by Peruvian artisans. We get our inspiration from women trendsetters, the […]
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